Bobby Schofield, HØRNS, is an American Singer-Songwriter from Albuquerque, NM. In 2018, his debut instrumental EP "Obscurium" was released. Following his LPs "Eternity" and "Jelly Donut" as well as the soundtrack for the short film "Monked Up", Bobby decided to introduce vocals to his mellow playing style with the EP "Already There." His follow up EP "Still" was recorded in his brief stay in San Francisco, while also beginning his project Folk Off, a non-profit online concert series benefitting various charities and highlighting a diverse range of artists.

Upon returning to Albuquerque, he has begun focusing on his songwriting, introducing introspection into to Lofi recording style, often recording with only a camera and releasing the live, unedited versions of his songs. This practice of allowing the natural sound of his voice, as well as the space in which he is recording to bring an intimate tone to match his personal lyrics.

HØRNS no longer uses social media in an effort to remain in the moment with his present life. This absence has allowed for the sustained continuation of his musical efforts. To contact Bobby please email HornsMusicLLC@gmail.com

Photo Taken by Samuel David Katz in San Diego, CA 12-2020